Name: Rebecca   |   Based: Johannesburg
Age: 27   |   Height: 1,72m   |   Languages: English
Race: Black   |   Profession: 

About Me

Funny, kind, grateful, humble… These are just a few of the words that represent who I strive to be.
I like being an independent woman that is driven a lot by who I surround myself with, so I love being around positive vibes and people as well.

My dislike as a person I must say, is people who are not clean hygiene wise and people without common sense.

My Dream Goals!

I always had a dream of opening my own boutique since I was young .The fact that made me have such a dream was because I was raised by my grandmother and she use to sew and that was giving me big dreams of being a successful business woman in life .

What is your goals?
Goals wise I still stick to achieving my dream and it’s part of my goals.



Traveling (Within SA)… R16 500 excluding accommodation and transportation

Traveling (Abroad)… R38 000 excluding travel costs

Overnight… R10000

Weekend… R21000

To Book Me Now… Please mail to check my availability.
Please Note: At least 4 Hours Minimum required for prior booking to ensure my availability and arrangements to get to you!